This is how I play – Battlestation

I’ve seen posts like this before, and seeing that Raka wanted to see it I figured I’d just post it here.

This is my current setup. Fully upgraded at last after updating my old Keyboard a G510 from 2010, to a Corsair RGB Strafe, I can proudly state that my setup is complete.. For now.

My Beast.

My Beast.

As is a “plague” with more pc gamers I tend to update my rig even when I don’t need to. Case in point buying a GTX 1070 when I had a 970. But oh well, why not. Maybe I’ll get a 1080TI when they come around the corner, but right now, I’m good.

What the future might hold

The past few weeks of my gaming time were spent playing either Rocket League or Black Desert Online. The only thing I did in EvE in these weeks was just trying to get my assets out of null.

I have failed at it thus far but I’m going to become a bit more active again.

Citadels are near, and I’ve been looking forward to them since hearing about them. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it yet but I want one, or at least help in the building of one because it seems like it might get a bit expensive.

In that aspect, I’m going to be looking out for a wormhole corporation again. I loved being in wormholes and had a lot of fun exploring them, finding people to kill etc.

I also need to start getting some ISK again, the past month or so I’ve been stuck on the same point, so I’m going to need to fix that.

Stay tuned o7

New player in town

A few months ago, a friend of mine pointed me towards an upcoming MMO. This one would allow you to play on your pc, your tablet and even your cellphone. It would not matter where you are you’d be able to log in with one of the supported devices and continue playing.

I was intrigued but forgot all about it due to the many, many other games around.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. This game was going to go in closed beta and my friend had already bought a founder pack. Buying that he had access to alpha but every time there was an alpha he was out of the country and without any time to test it.

This time it was different, he turned it on, gave me feedback and the second day of the closed beta I was sold. I bought a founder pack too.

The game I’m talking about is Albion Online. It’s basically a sandbox game, not unlike EvE Online. There’s an AMA from the developers that gives a lot of information about the game itself and a lot of examples picked out of EvE.

This is not a coincidence because one CCP’s ex-developers helped with the creation of the game.

It’s harder than most MMO’s because you actually have to work to get higher up. In most these days you get a lot of things thrown into your lap. In here, that’s not the case.

Which is part of why I’m liking it so much.

Unfortunately, the closed beta will currently run for three months, meaning that the release will be in Q2 2016 at the earliest. So, I guess I’ll have to be patient.

Do check out the AMA and the game’s site. The developers are rather active and the game shows promise.

There’s lots of streamers on Twitch playing it, I stream it too from time to time but I’m trying my utmost best not to play too much.

What with it being beta, there will be a wipe near release so I don’t want to spend too many hours on something that won’t be there in a few months.

Stay tuned o7

Fallout 4 has arrived

As most of you know, Fallout 4 released a few days. And like any other gamer out there, I’ve been playing it for the past few days.

Despite not really following any news on the game, those last few days waiting for it were way too long. Due to veteran’s day I took off the entire week, it was just a lucky coincidence that the game launched in the same week that I was off and my girlfriend had to work. Or was it… Hmm

Due to the fact that I couldn’t wait for the midnight release on tuesday. I, like many others, connected to a VPN in Australia to have the game unlock for me a bit sooner (11 hours to be exact) so I could play without losing sleep.

There’s been a lot of people talking about Fallout, what they like, what they dislike, lots of reviews, everything you need to know about the game is somewhere out there online. So I don’t really feel like talking about everything.

What I do want to say though, is that I absolutely love it. I currently played about 25 hours total on it, and haven’t even started progressing the main story yet.

It’s been a few years since New Vegas came out and we were able to roam one of the wastelands that came about after the Great War, which started and ended on October 23 2077, for the first time. And we all missed it (or at least most of us did).

I played through Fallout 3 and New Vegas a few times and was looking forward to this instalment of the games.
It does not disappoint at all, unless you’re one of those people that likes to whine about the fact that grafics aren’t what they should be. I have to admit that it’s not like GTA V or The Witcher, but it still looks and play pretty good.

Ghouls terrify me though. I never liked them in the previous games but the Fallout 4 ghouls are like the World War Z zombies. They’re fast when they spot you, and it’s freaky. Every time I come across “corpses” I shoot them again, just in case they suddenly stand up.

Fallout 4 crafting is fun, and if you’re into building, the settlements will take away hours upon hours of your time.

In general, if you liked the previous games, you’ll love this one. Some things have changed, but in the end, all we really want to do; is explore the commonwealth.

Stay tuned o7

Two Deathclaws in an argument

Two Deathclaws in an argument


It’s so pretty!

A few weeks ago I upgraded my entire gaming desktop to Skylake.

For those of you who don’t really follow technological news, Skylake is Intel’s newest architecture, it got released with two new processor chips, the i5 6500k and the i7 6700k. Seeing that I not only play games but also do some virtualization and whatnot I went with the i7.

I didn’t really need an upgrade, I had an i7 2600k that was overclocked pretty much to the max it could go without melting my motherboard, but I wanted to. That plus, DDR4! Yay

Anyhow. While playing Elder Scrolls Online a bit I started browsing the Skyrim subreddit, saw a bunch of beautiful screenshots of how a modded up Skyrim looks. And decided to try out my luck on modding a bit too.

Let’s just say that I’ve spent more time on getting all the mods to work than playing. Not only is modding the game to look prettier addictive, it’s not that easy to get them all to work the way they should. It took multiple hours for me to have it running stable and on a decent FPS level but I’m happy with it. For now.

So I’ve got yet another game to keep myself busy with. Playing Skyrim with mods is something that I was planning to do for ages and finally got to that point. I’m sure that I’m still missing a lot of them that could make it even prettier, but for now, I’m pretty happy with the results.

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Stay tuned o7

What’s happening

Well, it’s been a while since my last post. I would say that I’ve been busy but that would be a lie because I’m not.

I’m currently playing Elder Scrolls Online again. A co-worker of mine plays the game and seeing as I got bored with WoW once more, I decided to start ESO again.

In the past few weeks I’ve leveled up from Veteran 4 to Veteran 15, so I’m one level away from max, after which. Well I have no idea whatsoever what will happen then, I’m hoping my co-worker will help me out with that, but seeing that he has been doing that since I started again, that shouldn’t be a problem.

The game itself is pretty fun, quests are the same kind of get this, kill that quests as in any other MMO but I like the elder scrolls feel of it all, plus there’s so many books to read!

In a few weeks it’ll be time for a few new games, the biggest one I’m anticipating is Fallout 4. I’ve got my pre-order ready, and around the same time my steam controller will arrive too.


Just a few more weeks! Can’t wait!

I’ll try to think about updating more in the near future


Stay tuned! o7


Gamescom 2015

I went to Gamescom Cologne the other day. The first time I went was two years ago, I didn’t actually have the best time back then but that had a lot to do with someone that joined us back then who actually hated being there the moment we set foot in the halls.

Forward to a few months ago where I decided to give it another shot when a friend from work asked me if I was going. Figured why not and bought tickets for me, my sister and my friend. Along with a few other friends from work we would go in a group.

Yesterday was that day, got up at around 7am, prepared for a full day in Germany 200km’s from home, got in the car and started on our little road trip.

The drive was nothing special and around 3 hours after waking up we were in Cologne at the parking spot we booked beforehand. This was done because a few people who went last year warned us that it took them a few hours to find parking.

In place my friends had to fix their costume, one in Ash Ketchum and the other Katarina(Can be seen in the gallery if you scroll down, she put a lot of effort in it and I think it turned out quite nice) from League of Legends, she still had to do her make-up so that took a few minutes (the scar etc) and off we went.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, but most developers made a huge deal out of merchandising and there was a lot of trailers, statues etc and if you felt like standing in line for two hours or more you could play a game like Fallout 4 or Just Cause 3,..

Despite me really looking forward to games like the new Fallout, Just Cause, Dishonored, etc. I didn’t feel like standing in line so I skipped those and just went from booth to booth, checking out other people playing and grabbing a few free goodies along the way. My haul this year was smaller than two years ago but I was able to grab two t-shirts (one from Wargaming and one from World of Nerds), a little bag with a hashtag print on it and an alpha code for Total War Arena along with 20k in gold for the game. Not bad, but could be better.

The Blizzard stand was huge, and I checked out their cosplay contest and couldn’t help but be amazed at the time people spent on their costumes (pics can be found lower).

All in all I spent about 8 hours walking around Gamescom with my friends and had a good time doing it despite the mass of people there, I saw games that I’m looking forward to and I saw other games that I didn’t know that existed but looked cool.

I also bought an awesome shirt that when you take a picture of it, changes print.

All in all I had a good time, saw a LOT of awesome cosplay, and might just go back next year. Albeit with more preparation.

Stay tuned o7

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