Industry and me

It’s been ages since I thought about doing industry.

The reason for this is because last time I did it, it started to become too much of a hassle for profits that kept on going down. I used to copy blueprints, invent them into T2 bpc’s and then manufacture those. It gave me a steady income of a few hundred million ISK on a monthly basis. But sometime last year. Actually, longer now, since it’s been since November 2015. The prices of that which I was making went down so hard that there was no longer a profit in it.

For some reason the products I was making were suddenly being sold at the material cost. This was most likely due to null sec miners and manufacturers going with the whole “Everything is profit if I mine it myself” way of thinking.

So I stopped doing it. I haven’t even thought about doing it until a few days ago, while I was looking at my two industrial characters, wondering what to do with them. They are also both my traders, one in Jita, one in Amarr.

So I fired up a few of my spreadsheets, checked ISK per hour and whatnot to see if maybe, just maybe I could get myself to start doing it again. But, I can’t.

Looking at what I could be creating with just those two characters, solo. I figured that in general I wouldn’t be getting a big enough influx of ISK from the things I make. I’d be making roughly 500m a month. Which used to be good enough for me. But that was in the time where I also had moons of my own, where I did missions for fun.

These days I take my fun out of PvP, losing ships and killing them.

After having played with a Naglfar in a C5, 500m a month is peanuts when you can make double that in an hour doing C5 sites.

So I decided to strip my industrial characters.

I might just create a new one someday. But the only thing I am really interested in is making capitals. I would LOVE to make or help make capitals. Even if it’s just the parts.

But every time I try to win some information about it I get told off because I just want to use one character on it. Want to help an alliance do it with the one character I have for this.

But alas, I might someday try and do it but for now, I’m making peace with the fact that I am no longer an industrial.

Stay tuned o7


My first time

First times can be an embarrassment to every party involved with it. Not just the person doing it for the first time, but also the other person or people involved. But that’s what makes it fun, great even. Especially when you’re doing it with people you love to play with.

Yesterday I had my first time. First time in a Tengu as a hunter on a BLOPSing fleet. We had decided a few days ago that we’d invite a bunch of people to a BLOPS-fleet and use our wormhole as a staging system. Because we can roll our null-sec static for new content.

I don’t fly T3’s much. If at all. I use a Tengu to scan and I’ve used a Proteus a few times as tackle or as an extra DPS ship. But I had never hunted for targets equipped with a cyno, until yesterday.

Most of the guys were rusty at doing it, our first target didn’t take us too long to find. One of the other hunters landed on three Rorquals. Which turned out to be fitted a bit better than our previous Rorqual encounters. So we lost a bunch of bombers and one of the hunting tengus. No big deal though, easy to replace.

After a few rolls I came upon a system in which I was earlier on grid with a Thanatos but when I was there it wasn’t within range. It was now. Unfortunately he had gone to a different site and I landed on a VNI. No biggy I’d just tackle that one. And here’s where I made a few of my mistakes.

As it turns out, if you want to cyno in your friends, you’re not allowed to go above a certain speed. So putting on my MWD to go to the target was my first mistake. But I grabbed tackle, all good right. Well here’s my second one. I forgot I had an extra-large Ancillary Shield Booster equipped. So I was dying to a VNI.

“But E’dyn how the hell do you forget about a shield-booster?” You might ask yourself. Well, it’s easy. First you need to remember that I normally don’t fly shield ships. Especially not a Tengu. The second thing that I didn’t think about was the fact that the shield booster had the cap booster icon, because it was loaded with navy cap booster 800’s. Normally when I’m flying a ship, this icon is to boost up my capacitor, and only that. So here I am, going down to a VNI in a 480m ship, wondering what the hell is going on whilst my friends are dropping bombers.

I lost the Tengu, to the amazement of both the VNI pilot and my corp mates. I spent the next 5 minutes after this death laughing about my stupidity whilst buying a new one in Amarr.

It even took me a few minutes to figure out that I did in fact have reps on this thing because at first I was proclaiming on comms that I did in fact not have a booster at all. Woops.

At least it’s not a mistake I’ll make again. And eventually I did catch a skiff and a venture afterwards. It’s not even close to what I lost. But I learned something and that’s what matters.

You always learn something when you’re doing it for the first time. And that’s a good thing.

Stay tuned o7

New Year, new opportunities

Happy new year to you all, may 2017 be better than 2016 😉

The last few days of the year we have moved around a bit. Downgraded back to a C2 and now trying to decide what the next course of action is.

I’m hoping to catch a few Rorquals again. I’ve already caught a few before and it’s entertaining to kill one with just interceptors. They hate it so much that after a while they just start self-destructing.

“Things” to do are on a special little list. Some positive, some negative. I still have to decide on where to start with it all.

We’ll see what the future brings

Stay tuned