The worst luck

I have the worst luck when it comes to playing Rocket League.

I love the game, I do, but I just can’t seem to get a break while playing. Either I get set up with someone who can’t hit the ball, or the other team gets lucky.. Extremely lucky even.

A nice example of this is one of the games I played yesterday. I had the ball, thought I’d score by laying it in the corner but unfortunately I hit the side post a bit too hard. So it bounced across the arena.

Now imagine, having no boost (for those that don’t know about the game, boost just gives you more speed) and a team mate that has no idea how to hit the ball.

I saw the two guys from the other team try to hit the ball and just miss it by miles, then my team mate comes up and misses too. The ball then rolled, at a snail pace, in my own goal.

That stuff NEVER happens to the other teams I play against. I sometimes play with a friend of mine, he’s currently Silver I, he wins most of his games, up until the point he teams up with me.
When playing with me he gets amazed at how lucky the other teams get with shots. It literally has nothing to do with skill, all just luck.

I should start saving my games and just post the parts where you’d go “No way, that could never have happened” and I’ll show you, it happened to me.