The way of life

A while back I told myself that if I ever decided to go check out K-space again, I would join up with Goonswarm. Not because I know much about null sec politics and because I think they’re “cool” and whatnot. But mostly because I thought that if I were to join a group, why not join the group everyone loves to hate.

So when the guys I flew with decided to go back to Stain for a while. I just went ‘Ok, let’s see if I can get into Goons’

At the time of writing this, I have literally been part of the Goonswarm for seven days.

In those seven days I have setup jabber, mumble coms, other authentication stuff like their forums etc etc. And joined in on a few fleets. I had a few problems with the fleets itself but that’s the way of life out here.

I killed a few Rorquals earlier today, so that’s nice. We did a two hour roam with a 100+ man fleet. Which was new for me, not really as exciting as doing the same thing with only 10 to 15 people.

But I did come to the conclusion that I really, really don’t like nullsec.

I hate local with a passion, I hate that they have programs like Vintel or TACO or whatever else that can scrape the chatlog and give you a literal warning sound when a neutral arrives because scouts told you.

I hate that you are literally safe from everything as long as you use those things. It’s just not for me. I like wormhole space and the fact that my home will randomly pop in your home from time to time.

That I can scan around and watch someone without them knowing I’m there.

Kspace is just not for me.

I am currently making a few new plans. I will be setting up in a wormhole once more. But this time I won’t be joining an old one, it’ll be a fully new set up. New citadels etc. New way of living.

This is giving me a new objective. And that’s what you need in this game. Objectives to aim for and succeed in.

I’m sure it’ll work out fine. I have a few things in mind that will happen in the next few weeks.

On a little ISK related notice. I have put a big part of my liquid ISK into PLEX. There have been a few rumors that make me think that we haven’t seen the end of the price inflation yet.

A few weeks ago I had bought a few dozen Machariel hulls, right after the announcement that in the near future alpha clones will be able to use them. Since then their price has gone up by almost 50% so that was fun to watch. I still have about 16 hulls left right now. Once the price starts to drop again I’ll probably sell them. Until then, I’m keeping them around. You never know.

Stay tuned o7


Back to square one

The past month or so was interesting, but alas, our little experiment came to an end.

We were in a wormhole with three different corporations. Living together, fighting together, trying to get things to work together. But due to different mentalities things went a bit sideways.

We didn’t really disagree on anything but we didn’t communicate. And communication is key. Due to this lack of communication people stopped logging in and those that were logging in were not used to being in a wormhole and missed their Kspace.

Which I get, being in wormholes is a lot different than being in null or low. And it’s just not something that everyone can adjust to.

It was fun while it lasted but unfortunately, I’m back on the “streets” again.

Due to this, I will be applying to Goonswarm. Mostly because I want to see what nullsec is like. And what better way than to do nullsec in the group that everyone supposedly hates.

I really like the whole “Grrr Goons” mentality that people seem to have. I personally don’t get it, at all. But I never really bothered reading up on why people think certain ways about the entities in kspace because I literally don’t care.

But when joining a group in there. Why not go for the ones that everyone loves to hate. The one you know will get you things to do. So I’m curious how that will pan out. I still need to be accepted first though.

In slightly different news, I did kill my first super a few days ago. In a little joint op with hole control. They were baiting with carriers, we were waiting on a blops a few out. And someone took the bait.

It was fun, a bit unfortunate that I only got one of the kills but can’t have it all I guess.

Stay tuned o7