Explosion due to stupidity once more

I lost another ship this weekend. This time it happened due to another person blowing me up, and my own stupidity. Well, just my lack of common sense and staying somewhere for a bit too long while not cloaked.

I’m planning on joining a friend’s corporation in a few days, said friend is setting up a WH corporation with a few other people he knows. Seeing as I have no idea how to scan down signatures, or even use d-scan, I decided to train myself a bit.

So I shipped up in a cheetah, set out to low sec and started to scan down the different sites and signatures in a system in order to train myself some more on the “how does this work” part of it all.

While doing so I found a relic site, and as it turned out, I had a relic analyzer in my Cheetah. So I decided to go and have a look, maybe even get lucky in “hacking” the site.

Not only do I know nothing about scanning, I also have no idea how hacking works… Zero clue whatsoever. So while I was staring at the screen wondering what all those things that I could click meant and why some would lock up after clicking five times, someone found me.

I suddenly saw a manticore pop up on my screen and immediately got locked and scrambled. One volley of torpedoes later and I was warping away in my capsule to the nearest gate.

I learned that I should pay more attention, and definately should not be trying out hacking if I have no idea what it’s all about. Using D-scan would probably not have helped in this case seeing as the manticore was cloaked, but still, it wasn’t even opened.

The person shooting me convoed me afterwards, thanking me for getting myself blown up, he had been in the system for a few days waiting for a kill to happen and told me that I was his first ever solo kill. He was even kind enough to offer me to pay for half of my loss.

I declined this of course, I have plenty of ISK and congratulated him on his first solo kill and patience. I would not be able to just wait for days until something happens.

After doing a few jumps, I got back to Jita and shipped up in a new cheetah. Ready to continue my training.

I need to be ready in a few days, need to be able to hold my own in W-space. Because if nobody’s there to get me an exit, I’ll have to do it myself.

What you get when not paying attention

I decided to run some missions in my Machariel while deciding which corporation to join. I’ve been running them for ages and mostly enjoy the cleaning up afterwards in my Industrial character’s Noctis. Which I lost, due to forgetting about a certain trigger.

Imagine if you will, being told that you have to rescue a certain Damsel in Distress. She needs to be rescued from a warlord’s “pleasure garden” and you’ve been tasked with doing so.
You jump in your pod and attach to your trusty vessel, ready to kick some pirate ass.

As you warp in you get trash talked a bit by some cronies and you make them explode into the vacuum that we call space. After that, their boss shows up and you do the same thing. Everyone’s dead, so you call in your little helper that everything’s safe, after which you remember that you actually needed to rescue someone and not just shoot everything that moves in the face (woops).

At this point your little helper is already collecting the lovely loot and stripping your enemies’ wrecks for their mods and anything else that’s worth something, even poking a few corpses.
You lock up the pleasure garden and demand them to hand over their captive. Which of course, they do not. So you shoot them in the face too.

Which, in retrospect isn’t really helpful if you shoot the place where the hostage is captive into oblivion. As it turns out, as soon as that started, something was triggered.

Namely a little alarm for the pirates and all of a sudden 5 battleships are shooting my little helper and a few spider drones are webbing her and the frigates are scrambling her so she is unable to warp out or run away. Cue a nice little explosion and the loss of her Noctis.

Not only that, but due to the fact that I was already reveling in my victory, I did not notice that I was out of drones. I could destroy my enemies.. Except for those nasty little frigates and drones. So I had to sit there, laugh as they try to penetrate my shield, while my little helper shipped into another ship to come shoot their faces for me.

A nice little lesson for me here, despite being pretty much unkillable by the NPC’s in the missions, my little helper is not. She’s extremely squishy in fact.

Good thing the insurance pay out for the Noctis was more than what I paid for a new one and the old one was already a few years old, way best it’s fly date anyhow.

Loot and mission bonusses made up for the rest of the losses.

As for my industry, still chugging along, creating and inventing things that pay the bills.

I also bought myself a few dozen frigates I’m excited to go and get blown up.

Stay tuned o7

EvE – The Second Decade

Little over a year ago, CCP shipped out their ten year anniversary collector’s edition all across the world for people to enjoy. At the time I was one of those people wanting to buy, but not willing to spend my money on it just yet. Mostly because at the time I was spending my money on other things like a new motorcycle and things like that.

Today, I received a box in the mail, with a little gift in it from my girlfriend. This gift was, as you can probably tell from the title of this box, EvE’s collector’s edition. 

“I haven’t been this giddy unpacking something in years.” 

This box set has been on my “To Buy” list ever since I first heard about it, I just hadn’t gone to the trouble of buying it yet. So opening a plain cardboard box and seeing this thing in it, you can imagine that I was certainly surprised.

One of the big reasons for wanting this was the game inside. “Danger Game” or under it’s official name Hættuspil. I tend to play board games with my friends once a week and we’re always on the lookout for new things to try, seeing as this is what started CCP, I really wanted it, and now I have it. 

“I’m going to enjoy this”
Only thing I need to do now is try it out one of the coming days.

The Rifter USB hub inside the box looks nice, but it doesn’t feel too nice. It’s plastic, a nice piece of decoration but the USB cable supplied with it is way too short to hook it up to my machine so I’ll just use it as decoration next to my battle station. 

The box with the codes and accompanied soundtrack is an eye catcher, the artwork on it is great and even the cards with the codes have a nice touch. 

“Music maestro!”

What I completely forgot about however, was the art book. “Into the Second Decade” it’s a hardcover 193-paged book filled with text and art work. I have only browsed the first few pages but I love it already and will enjoy reading it from cover to end.

“Much wow”

As for the rest. I haven’t checked the in game codes yet, I have yet to decide if I’ll be redeeming them or just giving them away. We’ll see. Right now, I have some reading to do.

If you haven’t gone out to buy it yet, go grab yourself the Collector’s edition, it’s for 75 euros now, you get 90 days of free time, a bunch of codes and some great art work along with a board game that may or may not be awesome (I’m hoping on the former.)

And if anyone were to care about it, turns out that my girlfriend ordered this on Monday. So it took less than a week to get here.


Stay tuned o7