EvE – The Second Decade

Little over a year ago, CCP shipped out their ten year anniversary collector’s edition all across the world for people to enjoy. At the time I was one of those people wanting to buy, but not willing to spend my money on it just yet. Mostly because at the time I was spending my money on other things like a new motorcycle and things like that.

Today, I received a box in the mail, with a little gift in it from my girlfriend. This gift was, as you can probably tell from the title of this box, EvE’s collector’s edition. 

“I haven’t been this giddy unpacking something in years.” 

This box set has been on my “To Buy” list ever since I first heard about it, I just hadn’t gone to the trouble of buying it yet. So opening a plain cardboard box and seeing this thing in it, you can imagine that I was certainly surprised.

One of the big reasons for wanting this was the game inside. “Danger Game” or under it’s official name Hættuspil. I tend to play board games with my friends once a week and we’re always on the lookout for new things to try, seeing as this is what started CCP, I really wanted it, and now I have it. 

“I’m going to enjoy this”
Only thing I need to do now is try it out one of the coming days.

The Rifter USB hub inside the box looks nice, but it doesn’t feel too nice. It’s plastic, a nice piece of decoration but the USB cable supplied with it is way too short to hook it up to my machine so I’ll just use it as decoration next to my battle station. 

The box with the codes and accompanied soundtrack is an eye catcher, the artwork on it is great and even the cards with the codes have a nice touch. 

“Music maestro!”

What I completely forgot about however, was the art book. “Into the Second Decade” it’s a hardcover 193-paged book filled with text and art work. I have only browsed the first few pages but I love it already and will enjoy reading it from cover to end.

“Much wow”

As for the rest. I haven’t checked the in game codes yet, I have yet to decide if I’ll be redeeming them or just giving them away. We’ll see. Right now, I have some reading to do.

If you haven’t gone out to buy it yet, go grab yourself the Collector’s edition, it’s for 75 euros now, you get 90 days of free time, a bunch of codes and some great art work along with a board game that may or may not be awesome (I’m hoping on the former.)

And if anyone were to care about it, turns out that my girlfriend ordered this on Monday. So it took less than a week to get here.


Stay tuned o7

Thinking things through is not my forté

I have a hole in my hand, and it’s quite big. Every time I want something, I tend to buy it. This can be anything, from a game, to a new cellphone, to a ship in EvE that I just have there to look at.

This time, it was “EvE Online: The Second Decade”. I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to decide whether or not I felt like paying 158 Euros on this. 
Trying to make this decision I kept weighing the pros and cons of the collection. I’m a big fan of Collector Edition’s, I have the one from SWTOR, The Witcher 2, Heroes of Might and Magic VI,… 
And all of them have one thing in common, other than the collectible in it, I’m no longer playing the game or using anything in it. My Darth Malgus statue is sitting next to me and my Geralt head too, the coins are in my wallet and I sometimes wear the Might and Magic shirt. But all the rest, is not being used.

So the biggest part of making the EvE decision, was whether it would be used or not. The collectibles in it are pretty cool, golden pod and gnosis BPC would most definately be something I’d use. 
But I’m interested most of all in the Rifter USB hub and the “Danger Game”. The Rifter being my favorite ship and the game being something that could be a lot of fun with my friends.
Pew Pew Pew

So after hours upon hours of weighing, I decided to finally buy the game the other day.
Cue 10 minutes later, I have just spent 158 Euros on a pretty USB hub and a board game I may or may not play.

My girlfriend rolled her eyes at me when I told her that I was having second thoughts. Knowing full well that this was going to happen. Good thing there’s the fact that you can ask for a cancellation within 14 days of purchase. So that’s what I did.

Moral of this story: ‘I really need to think harder on whatever it is I do and buy’

Which is something that I need to do in game too. Despite me really wanting the CE, I can’t for the life of me think of a good reason to spend 150+ Euros on me. I thought I did have a good reason, until I actually bought it.

It’s a shame that the Americans had that Black Friday sale but us Europeans were left in the dark. I really, really want the Danger Game and USB hub.. But the whole package would only be worth about 50euros less than the current asking price.

So if the price does drop, I will probably buy it. Unless I can find someone willing to part with their board game.
I’d love to play this with my friends on New Year’s eve.
Stay tuned! o7