What the future might hold

The past few weeks of my gaming time were spent playing either Rocket League or Black Desert Online. The only thing I did in EvE in these weeks was just trying to get my assets out of null.

I have failed at it thus far but I’m going to become a bit more active again.

Citadels are near, and I’ve been looking forward to them since hearing about them. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it yet but I want one, or at least help in the building of one because it seems like it might get a bit expensive.

In that aspect, I’m going to be looking out for a wormhole corporation again. I loved being in wormholes and had a lot of fun exploring them, finding people to kill etc.

I also need to start getting some ISK again, the past month or so I’ve been stuck on the same point, so I’m going to need to fix that.

Stay tuned o7

Dailies incoming

The other day I heard about something new coming to Singularity, and in the future to Tranquility.

Dailies… As in killing your first npc of the day will get you 10.000 unallocated skill points on that certain character. Which means that on your whole account you can get a total of 30.000 skill points per day. Well, per 22 hours actually.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. The reason why CCP is doing this is probably to make sure that more people actually log in each days, just to get this stuff done. That’s the whole point of “dailies”, as they are called in other MMO’s. It’s an incentive for you to log in.

Will this make others log in more often? Yes. Will it help with the numbers or give people something to do? I don’t know, I guess it’s a start. I’m just not 100% sure on the incentive, it will bring bad blood along but on the other hand, 10.000 points per character isn’t a lot. It’s a few hours of training, roughly 5 hours if you’re doing it at 2100 SP/hour.

We’ll probably start seeing flack around this for a while until it’s implemented and everyone will enjoy the so called “free” SP.

Will it get me to log in more often again? Maybe, I’m not sure yet. I’ve been slacking a bit lately due to once more not quite knowing  what I want to do and what I will be doing.

Stay tuned o7