“Do you wanne build a moon base”

I’m sorry if you now have a certain ‘Frozen’ song in your head… Ok no, I’m not, I like the songs, most people do.

Anyhow, these past few months I haven’t done much industry wise, but a friend of mine asked me if I was interested in his latest little scheme. I told him I had to think about it after his explanation and the more I started thinking about it, the better it seemed to sound.

Basically, I was asked if I wanted to join him in null sec with my indy character and start moon harvesting with him, and slowly but surely, start on our own little super/titan building process.

I’ve always wanted to build titans but not on my own, so if this thing actually happens, I’ll be a few steps closer to my goal. Along with the fact that I’ll be a bit more active again. So win/win situation! Unless we lose a few freighters, that’d make us go back to square one, but I’m being positive here, I can do this!

Stay tuned o7

Waiting for the Queue

Every time I log onto my one other combat character, I check her queue. I do this because I decided to train her into a T3 just in case I wanted to get her into a wormhole again. Last time I played with a friend in a WH it was awesome to have two characters, one on each screen, helping out myself and my friend. The two of us had four in total.
I’m actually in a wormhole now, as I stated before, but unfortunately I haven’t really done anything other than the first day that I joined. I blame myself, EvE is a game where you need to create the content and not wait for content to come your way. 
What with me playing other games too, I just didn’t feel like spending time in EvE. This also is reflected with me not stating here much. (Blame ARK, riding dino’s is just so damn awesome)
Still, the fact that I’m not logging in every day, and that I’m not writing as much as I used to or as I should, doesn’t mean I’m not doing things for the game.
A friend of mine has started again since now that he’s back from holidays and no longer has any exams he has some time again, so I might just be logging in more often again if he does. The game is always more fun to play when you have people you know playing it. And I’m not much of a TeamSpeak person to start getting to know my alliance members. Which is another shame on me I guess. 
Usually when I log on TeamSpeak it’s on my own server to talk with one of my good friends when we play a game of League of Legends or do some GTA: Online together, nothing more nothing less.
For bombers bar I just log in to hear what’s going on and what’s expected but almost never do any small talk, it’s just not how I am.
Anyhow, I’m not dead! Just, waiting for the queue.