“Eve is boring.”

Those are the words a friend of mine used the other day while we were on Teamspeak. And, I can’t really blame him for using those words. Because for some, if not most people who try EvE, or even play it, there will be moments of intense boredom.

Mostly because in EvE, you create your own fun. I play and have played a bunch of MMO’s with said friend, and EvE is one of the only ones that he disliked from the start. Because there’s no goal except for the one you create for yourself. In games like Wildstar, World of Warcraft, .. You go to maximum level and then gear up to get stronger. In EvE, you can’t rush to “max level” there isn’t one. You can’t skill up fast, because everything happens with the queue, and you sure can’t queue up for battlegrounds because PvP can be everywhere.

I have to admit that I myself have gotten bored in game too, but I keep myself subbed because I don’t want to lose the precious, precious queue time. I don’t have to log in to “get better”. I can still do my industry without being logged in for hours, I can still skill up without having to log in for weeks on end.

But this is not a game for those people that want an easy experience, those that want things on rails, to be told what to do.

Sure there are corporations out there that will gladly use you as cannon fodder and tell you what you should do, but is that really fun?

EvE is only as boring or as fun as you yourself make it. Go out there and explore different bits of the game before putting a label to it.

You might just be surprised on what fun you’ll have. I know it sometimes still surprises me

Stay tuned o7

Queue up

The problem about having multiple characters across multiple accounts is that after a while, you forget where you were going with them, and have no idea what to train.

I currently have 4 characters I use on a regular basis, two of them are for manufacturing and two are combat. One of which is in Thera in a stealth bomber just because, and she’s been training for mastery of them for months. My other, is me, or my avatar. I train around in multiple combat ships so that I can be of use anywhere.

My problem now is that I have no idea what I should train my indy character for. I’m interested in capital production but will probably never get there and other than that I just create the same things, over and over again, she’s been maxed in that kind of production and invention so right now I’m wondering “What’s next”.

The fact that I’m wondering about it also means that maybe I don’t need a third account, and I should just ship her over to the other account with the stealth bomber and my other manufacturer. It’ll probably save me a few bucks a month, it’ll just cost me plex. Something I dislike to spend. Or 20 bucks.

I have 10 hours left to decide.

And in other news, I found a new wormhole corporation, I talked to them a bit and decided that they seemed like a fun bunch, as of the day before yesterday E’dyn is floating around in a wormhole again.

I spent my first few hours in it exploring again, going through a few holes, and scanning down a few others. The reaction time of my new corps mates is amazing. I scanned down a LS hole and when I jumped through it there was an Omen on the other side, I told them and a few seconds after we had 5 people around the hole. Too bad the omen jumped off, it would have been pretty awesome to have a kill in my first few hours.

But I’m sure other opportunities will arise. There’s plenty of time for that.
I just need to start moving more ships inside

Stay tuned o7