Fallout 4 has arrived

As most of you know, Fallout 4 released a few days. And like any other gamer out there, I’ve been playing it for the past few days.

Despite not really following any news on the game, those last few days waiting for it were way too long. Due to veteran’s day I took off the entire week, it was just a lucky coincidence that the game launched in the same week that I was off and my girlfriend had to work. Or was it… Hmm

Due to the fact that I couldn’t wait for the midnight release on tuesday. I, like many others, connected to a VPN in Australia to have the game unlock for me a bit sooner (11 hours to be exact) so I could play without losing sleep.

There’s been a lot of people talking about Fallout, what they like, what they dislike, lots of reviews, everything you need to know about the game is somewhere out there online. So I don’t really feel like talking about everything.

What I do want to say though, is that I absolutely love it. I currently played about 25 hours total on it, and haven’t even started progressing the main story yet.

It’s been a few years since New Vegas came out and we were able to roam one of the wastelands that came about after the Great War, which started and ended on October 23 2077, for the first time. And we all missed it (or at least most of us did).

I played through Fallout 3 and New Vegas a few times and was looking forward to this instalment of the games.
It does not disappoint at all, unless you’re one of those people that likes to whine about the fact that grafics aren’t what they should be. I have to admit that it’s not like GTA V or The Witcher, but it still looks and play pretty good.

Ghouls terrify me though. I never liked them in the previous games but the Fallout 4 ghouls are like the World War Z zombies. They’re fast when they spot you, and it’s freaky. Every time I come across “corpses” I shoot them again, just in case they suddenly stand up.

Fallout 4 crafting is fun, and if you’re into building, the settlements will take away hours upon hours of your time.

In general, if you liked the previous games, you’ll love this one. Some things have changed, but in the end, all we really want to do; is explore the commonwealth.

Stay tuned o7

Two Deathclaws in an argument

Two Deathclaws in an argument

Sheltered life

In november we’ll all have the pleasure to play Fallout 4, among others. Of all the games that’s coming our way it’s the one I look forward to the most. And in order to not keep us empty handed while we wait, Bethesda released “Fallout: Shelter” for IOS & Android.

The IOS version has been out for a couple of weeks now but the Android version dropped in the play store yesterday. As soon as I heard the news I started my download. The game is about 140mb and you’ll need a relatively new device to play it (I’ve heard some people complain that it wasn’t playable on their old device, this is due to low ram etc.)

In this little game you’re a vault overseer. You’ve been picked out to organize a vault and make sure that your dwellers survive. You do this by building rooms for their basic needs (Power, Food & Water) and making sure that if something happens, the danger gets handled.

I’ve already spent hours in this game and I have it for less than 24. That just goes to show how addictive it is.

I’m at my third vault already, I screwed the first one up by placing my rooms too far in between each other, the second one I screwed up by not having enough water facilities. As they say “Third time’s the charm” so hopefully this one will stay healthy for me to keep working with it.

FalloutShelter_ScreenShot“My current vault”

 Because it’s an app, the creators still want to make some money out of it. You have the option to buy lunch-boxes. They contain 4 cards that can contain items or dwellers that can help you progress in the game. But luckily you can also earn lunch boxes by completing objectives. For example by sending out one of your dwellers on a 7 hour wasteland roam.

If you like basebuilding, you might enjoy this, if you’re a fallout fan like me, you WILL enjoy this. Even if only for a little while.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few Deathclaws to drive back.

Stay tuned o7