New player in town

A few months ago, a friend of mine pointed me towards an upcoming MMO. This one would allow you to play on your pc, your tablet and even your cellphone. It would not matter where you are you’d be able to log in with one of the supported devices and continue playing.

I was intrigued but forgot all about it due to the many, many other games around.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. This game was going to go in closed beta and my friend had already bought a founder pack. Buying that he had access to alpha but every time there was an alpha he was out of the country and without any time to test it.

This time it was different, he turned it on, gave me feedback and the second day of the closed beta I was sold. I bought a founder pack too.

The game I’m talking about is Albion Online. It’s basically a sandbox game, not unlike EvE Online. There’s an AMA from the developers that gives a lot of information about the game itself and a lot of examples picked out of EvE.

This is not a coincidence because one CCP’s ex-developers helped with the creation of the game.

It’s harder than most MMO’s because you actually have to work to get higher up. In most these days you get a lot of things thrown into your lap. In here, that’s not the case.

Which is part of why I’m liking it so much.

Unfortunately, the closed beta will currently run for three months, meaning that the release will be in Q2 2016 at the earliest. So, I guess I’ll have to be patient.

Do check out the AMA and the game’s site. The developers are rather active and the game shows promise.

There’s lots of streamers on Twitch playing it, I stream it too from time to time but I’m trying my utmost best not to play too much.

What with it being beta, there will be a wipe near release so I don’t want to spend too many hours on something that won’t be there in a few months.

Stay tuned o7