I can’t help myself

I’m an MMO player at heart. What I mean by this is that despite the fact that I play other games, MMO’s will always be the games that I like best.

This all started ages ago with Everquest and Star Wars Galaxies, but the real culprit of my love for MMO’s was, and maybe even still is World of Warcraft.

You can say what you want of Blizzard, but when you look at the game they created all those years ago, and see it still standing you can only tip your hat to them and give them a small applause.

WoW is a game that you can get bored of for months, or even years at the time, but it still has some sort of siren’s call to make you come back to it.

Case in point: Myself.

I first started playing the game in august 2005. I was 16 at the time and had finished my first summer job. The paycheck of said job went to building my own pc. Because before that I had to share it with my two sisters, which basically meant playing one hour, waiting for 2. You can imagine the amount of fighting that was done about “I need one more minute”

After that, in October 2007 I subbed once more, ever since March 2007 I can notice a trend in my subscription history, subbing for 3 months, waiting for 4-6 months and then playing the game again for a while longer.

This has been going on for years and it still gets me.

I started playing the game again on the 26th of June, I’m currently starting my third month in. Last time before that was in December 2014. We’ll see how long I’ll be playing this time.

I have to admit that one of the only reasons I started playing again is because my friends are playing. MMO’s are nice because you can play with other people. But I noticed that I only play them for longer than a few months when I have friends playing them, and when we have common goals.

I’m currently leveling a few alts, if you’re in EU Twisting Nether, come say hi. I won’t bite.

I might just hit you if you’re alliance though.

I love making alts

I love making alts



Gamescom 2015

I went to Gamescom Cologne the other day. The first time I went was two years ago, I didn’t actually have the best time back then but that had a lot to do with someone that joined us back then who actually hated being there the moment we set foot in the halls.

Forward to a few months ago where I decided to give it another shot when a friend from work asked me if I was going. Figured why not and bought tickets for me, my sister and my friend. Along with a few other friends from work we would go in a group.

Yesterday was that day, got up at around 7am, prepared for a full day in Germany 200km’s from home, got in the car and started on our little road trip.

The drive was nothing special and around 3 hours after waking up we were in Cologne at the parking spot we booked beforehand. This was done because a few people who went last year warned us that it took them a few hours to find parking.

In place my friends had to fix their costume, one in Ash Ketchum and the other Katarina(Can be seen in the gallery if you scroll down, she put a lot of effort in it and I think it turned out quite nice) from League of Legends, she still had to do her make-up so that took a few minutes (the scar etc) and off we went.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, but most developers made a huge deal out of merchandising and there was a lot of trailers, statues etc and if you felt like standing in line for two hours or more you could play a game like Fallout 4 or Just Cause 3,..

Despite me really looking forward to games like the new Fallout, Just Cause, Dishonored, etc. I didn’t feel like standing in line so I skipped those and just went from booth to booth, checking out other people playing and grabbing a few free goodies along the way. My haul this year was smaller than two years ago but I was able to grab two t-shirts (one from Wargaming and one from World of Nerds), a little bag with a hashtag print on it and an alpha code for Total War Arena along with 20k in gold for the game. Not bad, but could be better.

The Blizzard stand was huge, and I checked out their cosplay contest and couldn’t help but be amazed at the time people spent on their costumes (pics can be found lower).

All in all I spent about 8 hours walking around Gamescom with my friends and had a good time doing it despite the mass of people there, I saw games that I’m looking forward to and I saw other games that I didn’t know that existed but looked cool.

I also bought an awesome shirt that when you take a picture of it, changes print.

All in all I had a good time, saw a LOT of awesome cosplay, and might just go back next year. Albeit with more preparation.

Stay tuned o7

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