I’ve seen posts like this before, and seeing that Raka wanted to see it I figured I’d just post it here.

This is my current setup. Fully upgraded at last after updating my old Keyboard a G510 from 2010, to a Corsair RGB Strafe, I can proudly state that my setup is complete.. For now.

My Beast.

My Beast.

As is a “plague” with more pc gamers I tend to update my rig even when I don’t need to. Case in point buying a GTX 1070 when I had a 970. But oh well, why not. Maybe I’ll get a 1080TI when they come around the corner, but right now, I’m good.

7 thoughts on “This is how I play – Battlestation

  1. Nice looking set up, I would like to get my monitors on arms (I have 2 but they are different sizes) but my current desk wont take them, that keyboard looks expensive.

    • As in your current desk can’t hold the weight? Tbh I’m using an Arctic Z3 pro as stand. Used to have one for the two 25″ ones and one for my 23″ one. It’s an IKEA desk and it’s not really supposed to have a stand like that due to honeycomb but it still works. there’s a small impression on the bottom where the stand is screwed tight.

      As for the keyboard, guess that depends on the definition of expensive. It’s about 170 euros. Was thinking about grabbing a Corsair K95 but couldn’t get myself to pay €40 more to have macro buttons I won’t even be using.

      Only been using that keyboard for a few hours now and it’s so damn awesome. I should have gone mechanical sooner.

      • No room on the rear of the desk for the arms to attach so there isn’t much I can do about that, I like the look or arms though, so much neater.

        170 euros is definitely my definition of expensive, my keyboard was £25 which is about 29 Euro and that included a mouse :D. 170 euros shows as £145 on xe.com whilst I currently to the money to pay that, I dont think I could pay that

        • Ah, you’ve got a closed off back on the desk? That’s a bummer. I love how you have so much more desk space if you take off the monitor stands. More room for my clutter! 😀

          • haha, 2nd thought its probably a good thing for me then. I do love that 3 monitor set up though, aesthetically pleasing.

          • Thanks! Would be even more so with 2 more 27″ ones but yeah,, I’ll leave it at this for now. Keep the splurging to a minimum

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