Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue. But it’s not one of mine.

“Patience, young padawan”
Unfortunately, from time to time, this game is all about having patience. Your skill queue, your invention queues, manufacturing, waiting for fights… Everything you do in EvE needs some amount of patience in order for you to actually start enjoying the fruits of it.

Most of the time I can do other things while waiting. There’s enough to do in the game that you shouldn’t actually be bored any time at all. Shouldn’t being the key word here. Because as most, if not all, of you know, station spinning is something we do quite a lot.

These days I spend the time I can spare to play EvE looking at my queue, skill plan and deciding whether or not I want to do a trip to Jita in order to get myself some more materials. All of this because I manufacture and invent T2. My combat alt gets shoved aside for this, priorities and all that.

The other night I had some free time, something I usually do not have on a Saturday evening. So I decided to help out my alliance by joining a fleet that was going to go out in defense of a small tower. I asked in alliance chat if someone could loan me a Typhoon because I haven’t gotten one myself yet, and joined TeamSpeak. It was supposed to take about 10 minutes of forming up and then going out there. 

“Fear my rustyness!”

How wrong I was. Bear in mind that I know absolutely nothing about how Null Sec is supposed to work. I have done a few roams with my new alliance but I’ve been quite busy so haven’t actually done anything else yet (working on that).

While I was on TeamSpeak, people started talking about Carriers and Dreads. I was just listening with half my mind occupied on whether or not I’d be dying in someone else’s ship. Not knowing what was going on or what everyone was talking about I just sat and listened, suddenly hearing the faithful words: “Everyone that can fly a dread or carrier X up. We’re going out with them, the rest of you can wait in the station but stay in fleet.”

This was bad news for me, I didn’t feel like waiting a certain amount of minutes/hours while other people were going out in Dreads/Carriers. I had logged on hoping for a fight, not to spin my ship some more. I do that enough on my industry alt.

After waiting 30 minutes I gave back the borrowed Typhoon and logged out. Cursing that I spent about 50-60 minutes doing nothing at all, because I thought I’d be getting in a fight.

In the back of my mind, I know that this is something that happens, you need to wait, need to be patient. But not everyone has the patience to do so for too long. I decided to log out because I knew for a fact that I could be doing better things than waiting while I had no idea why I was waiting.

It’s a shame really, because experiences like this is what makes people decide not to join in other operations, not to try out other things. Because they don’t like wasting their precious time.

Stay Tuned o7

Time equals money

It’s been a busy week for me, and I’ve finally found some time to write things down again. I feel a bit guilty for not writing more blog posts, but c’est la vie. RL always comes before the EVE life.

Speaking of which, I still haven’t found what I want to do, mostly because of the fact that I haven’t been doing much the past couple of weeks. I spent a few hours making undocks in different stations, just because I needed to find something to do and I felt like making these makes my life a lot easier.

So I took a cloaky cheetah, went a few jumps in Low and spent a few hours making undocks. Which gets boring, very, very fast.
What do you mean, this can’t be done faster?

Industry wise I’ve been slacking. Not only have I stopped my invention, I have stopped manufacturing altogether. Not because I want to, but because of time restraints. I don’t have that many blueprints, but I have a whole bunch of BPC’s that I still need to invent. Problem with this is the fact that I haven’t actually gotten myself the data cores for this.
And every time I got to Jita I forget to take a bunch of them with me.
But! The good news is, because of the fact that I just wrote this down, I have put up a few buy orders for around 500 of each data core. So here’s hoping I can get back to that.

I’ve also put up a bunch of buy orders for the materials I use in manufacturing. This ranges from Tritanium to Guidance Systems to, whatever else I need and that I can remember without looking at my spreadsheets.
I’m not sure how much time I will be spending in the game this weekend, but I do know, or at least hope, that a few of those buy orders will get filled.

As for trading in general, well seeing that I haven’t logged on since last Sunday on my trader, let’s just say he’s doing nothing at all. I have just put up 1.2billion in buy orders with only 600m in ISK in his wallet. How I love Margin Trading *grins*.

If, and that’s a big one, they get filled, I can make at least 2billion on this. But that’s a big if. 0,01 ISKers are still the bane of my existence and I’ve had a few days where I just wanted to stop trading, seeing that I’m actually not that very good at it.

I’ve looked into inter-regional trading, but every time I look at those hundreds of possible items, I start to feel like it’s an impossible job for me to make money on it and I close it down again.

Maybe trading isn’t quite meant for me. We’ll see what this current batch says, if the station trading finally picks up, I might change my mind. It’s the weekend, so that means more sales and more buys.

Or at least.. It should

Stay tuned o7 

Time vs Reward

Everything in EvE is time related, you need time to earn ISK, time to get your skills higher, it takes time to do missions, scanning, whatever floats your boat.

And what do we get in return? A reward, wether it’s the ISK or finally being able to fly that sweet sweet battleship you’ve been pining for.

I started thinking about this when figuring out what to write, I had a nice little post ready for you all, stating the reasons why I haven’t actually written much the past week. And all of that, is due to time, or the lack of it.

Some people are on EvE for hours on end, but in the end they only spinned their ship while talking to their friends. Is that rewarding? Well I hope that they find it rewarding.
I hate not being able to log in as long as I want, since I started working again my free time has been dwindling down to only a few hours a week. Which is normal, you have to earn money.

But I feel guilty when I don’t spend enough time on EvE, seeing that it’s an MMO and I’m still not smart enough to have my accounts pay for themselves. Plural, I have four accounts, two of which are combat oriented, of which one is in RvB. And two that are industry oriented. One of those wasn’t even supposed to be subbed anymore since I was only training a character for 50 days on it but I forgot to get in npc corp on time so I just subbed him another month.

Back to the topic at hand though, the time I spend in EvE these days is far less rewarding for me than it should be. Which is due to the fact that my measurement of it being rewarding is way off.
When I see my wallet rise, I think of my time as being spent in a good way. And I’m sure that a lot of people think like that.

But I should stop thinking like that, I should go out and destroy other ships, let my wallet drop because I needed to buy more ships to destroy. Unfortunately, that’s something I can’t do. So I log in, update my lab queues, planets, etc. And I log back out because it’s time for me to get some sleep for the next day of work.
I can’t wait until I get to the point where I finally have to do as less as 1 hour a week to earn the big amounts of ISK. But unfortunately I don’t see that happening any time soon, partly because I suck at trading, and partly because of my lack of time to research things. And when I do get to research, I seem to suck at that too!

I did make 600m this month, so I guess that’s better than nothing at all.

Here’s to hoping.

Now here’s something for you to think about;
What does reward mean for you in the game vs the time you spent on it. And, as a bonus.
When you only have half an hour or an hour to spend, what do you do? What does it do to you that you can’t get the most out of the game?

Pew Pew

Stay tuned o7