Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue. But it’s not one of mine.

“Patience, young padawan”
Unfortunately, from time to time, this game is all about having patience. Your skill queue, your invention queues, manufacturing, waiting for fights… Everything you do in EvE needs some amount of patience in order for you to actually start enjoying the fruits of it.

Most of the time I can do other things while waiting. There’s enough to do in the game that you shouldn’t actually be bored any time at all. Shouldn’t being the key word here. Because as most, if not all, of you know, station spinning is something we do quite a lot.

These days I spend the time I can spare to play EvE looking at my queue, skill plan and deciding whether or not I want to do a trip to Jita in order to get myself some more materials. All of this because I manufacture and invent T2. My combat alt gets shoved aside for this, priorities and all that.

The other night I had some free time, something I usually do not have on a Saturday evening. So I decided to help out my alliance by joining a fleet that was going to go out in defense of a small tower. I asked in alliance chat if someone could loan me a Typhoon because I haven’t gotten one myself yet, and joined TeamSpeak. It was supposed to take about 10 minutes of forming up and then going out there. 

“Fear my rustyness!”

How wrong I was. Bear in mind that I know absolutely nothing about how Null Sec is supposed to work. I have done a few roams with my new alliance but I’ve been quite busy so haven’t actually done anything else yet (working on that).

While I was on TeamSpeak, people started talking about Carriers and Dreads. I was just listening with half my mind occupied on whether or not I’d be dying in someone else’s ship. Not knowing what was going on or what everyone was talking about I just sat and listened, suddenly hearing the faithful words: “Everyone that can fly a dread or carrier X up. We’re going out with them, the rest of you can wait in the station but stay in fleet.”

This was bad news for me, I didn’t feel like waiting a certain amount of minutes/hours while other people were going out in Dreads/Carriers. I had logged on hoping for a fight, not to spin my ship some more. I do that enough on my industry alt.

After waiting 30 minutes I gave back the borrowed Typhoon and logged out. Cursing that I spent about 50-60 minutes doing nothing at all, because I thought I’d be getting in a fight.

In the back of my mind, I know that this is something that happens, you need to wait, need to be patient. But not everyone has the patience to do so for too long. I decided to log out because I knew for a fact that I could be doing better things than waiting while I had no idea why I was waiting.

It’s a shame really, because experiences like this is what makes people decide not to join in other operations, not to try out other things. Because they don’t like wasting their precious time.

Stay Tuned o7