I’m probably doing it wrong

A post at http://notmo.blogspot.be/ made me think about the way I fit my ships. As a noob, I have no idea why some fits are good and others are bad. Most of my fits I either get from friends who can use EFT or out of BattleClinic.

This is probably a wrong way to approach this subject. While flying my Machariel I used T1 scout artillery, until someone told me that if I used T2 I’d have more DPS and will be ‘better’ at flying with it. Why? Well I have no clue but I just shrugged and started training for T2 artillery, I already had a bunch of it anyhow due to the fact that at the time I was manufacturing them.

After having it trained I did notice a change in my dps, but I didn’t quite get why. I’m exactly the same with fitting tank or rigs. I know that what I have is good (because I tend to not die) but I have no idea why it’s good for my fit.

Maybe it’s time to play around with EFT, time to look at other people’s fit and figure out why something is good or bad.

And time to train artillery specialization.

My RvB character is training into missile skills, I’m having a lot of fun with the Kestrel I fly, although I tend to lose more than I kill. 

Nothing says I love you like a rocket to the ‘face’

I think it’s safe to say that at least 90% of the people out there love explosions. Or at least looking at them. So what better way to say ‘I love you’ than by showering them with rockets/missiles.
My newly subscribed character Lctus Aivo has just joined Blue Republic and seeing that I haven’t played with rockets in a long time, I decided to stock up on a few of them. I based myself at blue base and have about 50 kestrels waiting to be blown up, or do some blowing up themselves. Why a kestrel? Well why not? They’re cheap, easy to fit and can still pack a punch if flown correctly.

Or so I’ve been told seeing that I have no idea what ‘flying correctly’ actually means. I got a fit of a friend of mine, which we tried out a few weeks ago, me in a punisher and him in a kestrel and holy crap that Kestrel was fast! In the end the Punisher did win but it barely survived. I think that at the time I had about 10% hull left, so it was only a matter of who would be firing the last shot.

I joined RvB together with a corp mate who bought a new character just  for that. I’m looking forward to flying with him and the other RvBers.

Now to go and blow things up


I flew the Kestrel tonight in a fleet along with other Blue’s, I loved it. Despite not actually packing a punch, the kestrel is still pretty fast, and seeing that I fit it with a Microwarp drive, scrambler and webber, I helped a bit in keeping the other fleet’s ships from fleeing. Or at least I like to think that I did. 

First fleet: Big succes!