Little over a year ago, me and a friend of mine tried to settle in a C4 wormhole. We failed, but it was fun.

In the past few days we got to talking again. He had joined a C5 corporation but still felt the itch to settle in a lower class one. Which brings us to yours truly.

I’m enjoying myself in the Null sec corporation I’m in, however, I have other alts. Alts without a purpose, they are just sitting in shiny ships in Jita or Amarr or whatever other system I logged them out in last.

Which brings us to another little plan that has been forming up and coming to closure. We’re going to try out another wormhole adventure. But this time! We won’t be going into a C4, no we’ll be settling in either a C3 or a C2. Since that’s a bit easier to run sites in solo without having to scan more exits, pay a LOT more attention etc. etc.

We’re currently busy scanning down holes, checking if there’s any activity in them, checking out the planets etc. etc.

Once we find a hole to live in, the move will start. I’m looking forward to starting another adventure in w-space. I have tried before, I have failed, but it was a lot of fun and that’s what matters. And if we can make some more ISK in the process, well, that’s even better isn’t it.

While doing all this I’m also training up an alt as a jump freighter pilot. This was done with the idea that it would make things easier for me to start a little Null sec trading hub in my new home system.

This freighter pilot will also be used as a bit of a service for the wormhole, so two birds, one stone kind of thing.

I just need to learn how it works, but I’ve got Singularity for that, once the skills are trained at least.

Now to figure out if I want to keep producing T2 stuff or if I’m going to be giving up on that. The profit on some of the stuff I made has literally dropped 80% in the past few months, on some things even going as far that the price to sell it, is the same price as the resource cost. Something I’m used to when talking about ships but never about components.

We’ll see what happens, the good thing is, I still have a few other sources of income and I just keep expanding my little empire.

Stay tuned o7

4 thoughts on “Round two, start.. Preparing

    • Well, I currently own 6 POS’ in nullsec, used to own a high sec manufacturing one, been part of a few wormhole corporations and had my own C4 for about a month and a half.

      So experience wise, I think I’m good. It’s just a new little thing.

      Reason why we are going for our own hole, is because I am also still member of the Null sec corporation, and not planning on leaving them because it’s fun. Most wormhole corporations would see that as an immediate reason to deny the application. Thus, start up ourselves.

      • Entirely understand about keeping corp. That reduces the benefit somewhat of sharing a tower in a c2. I am interested to see what options become viable post citadels.

        Keeping your corp is not impossible but you already have a clue as to what you are up for. So many would be wh groups do not.

        • I too am looking forward to what impact Citadels might have on wormhole life. I would love to build one in higher class that could be used within an alliance and still allowing you to keep corp.

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