A long, long time ago

I’m sure you guys know the rest, but if you don’t. It’s “In a galaxy far away”

Sometime around the same time I first started playing EvE Online I was also playing the SOE/Lucasart MMO called “Star Wars Galaxies”

Last week, when on the way to the gym a friend of mine reminded me of it and how much different it was compared to… Well any MMO on the market back then and even now.

Much like EvE it was a complete sandbox environment, you were the writer of your own story. Graphically it was shit but, well it was a game that launched in 2003 that didn’t have that many graphic updates. Quite a few content updates though, adding new items, new ways to play, instances etc.

Unlike to what I do in EvE, I never played any PvP in SWG. I was a trader, a class for the craftsmen. I made spaceship parts and sold them to people all over the server, taking custom orders etc. I even had a nice little shop customized for it.

The reason why I stopped playing SWG is not because I had a choice, it’s because EA had made a deal with lucasart for a new upcoming mmo called Star Wars: The Old Republic. They figured that it would not be good for their numbers to have two Star Wars mmo’s up and running so they had SWG shut down.

I don’t think that there were more than 15 000 people playing at that time, but it was a loss to all of us.

It’s been since 2011 that I have played that game, and whenever I started thinking about it I missed it quite a bit. But as it turns out there’s a few private servers out there, and my old guild is playing on that one. So last Saturday, I downloaded the client from steam (yes it’s still on there) and joined the private server.

The nostalgia is real and I’m quite enjoying myself. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Stay tuned o7