Fear of the dark

I did it. I made a ‘Looking for Corporation’ post. The only problem now is, that I haven’t posted it yet.
I can’t decide on whether I want to have my main (this guy) or the alt that I have in RvB in a WH.

Logic dictates that I should do it with my main character. He’s most skilled, almost able to jump into strategic cruisers and in general the character I like playing with the most.

But will this fact not change when I am no longer able to go out without the “fear” to lose a ship.
Because this is what this is all about, I’m afraid of the life beyond High-sec, I never even went anywhere but high sec for longer than a few hours.

Fear of the unknown is something most humans deal with, and I’m dealing with it in a game.
I’m trying to do what most people in high sec are afraid of doing, and that’s taking that step towards the other life. Where danger lurks everywhere. Or at least that’s what us carebears think it does. Maybe I’m exaggerating, maybe I’m not.

But I have to make a decision