NPSI, Bombers Bar joint op on Saturday

NPSI, the abbreviation for “Not Purple, Shoot It”. A mindset that communities such as Bombers Bar/Spectre Fleet use, you join a fleet of likeminded people and just shoot at whatever’s not in fleet, both allies and enemies alike.

I’ve joined in a few Bombers Bar roams now, and as those of you who’ve read my previous blog posts know, I love joining them. Not only do I get a bit more experience shooting things, I also do more than just spin my ship because of it. 

The past few hours of my Saturday evening were spent in a fleet set up by the Bombers Bar and WTM community. When I joined we were told that we’d go and try to get a few carrier kills and afterwards have a ‘Free for all’ with the people in bombers/cloakies that wanted to.

Previous Bombers Bar fleets, the amount of people joining was usually around 50 to 60. Today there were 145 people in Bombers, ready to shoot.

Let’s just say that it was fun, despite the traffic control.

During the fleet there were a few giveaways, one of which was a bomber for the person with the best cat.gif picture linked. The guys judging the pictures had a lot of work to do, about 100 people posting gifs is a lot of links to click.

Once a carrier was spotted the next giveaway got announced, the first people to get point on it (other than the hunters) would be getting a few goodies.Not only are the people who take care of the fleets giving us nice kills, they were also going to be giving us ships, and other goodies for doing things in the fleet.
We killed an Archon, there were 108 pilots involved in the kill, the amount of torpedoes shot was such a pretty sight.

“Look at them go”

After the Archon kill we waited a bit, changed region and waited for another target. 
“Ready to jump oh captain my captain”
We got another cyno & bridge a bit later, but unfortunately, due to so many people jumping at one, traffic control decided to not let us through immediately so the target was able to escape. 
“Follow the leader, he’ll be your bridge for today”
After this the fleet was going to stand down due to the fact that our Jump Fatigue timer was getting a bit too high, those who wanted to kill their team mates, were told to get ready for a little Free for All.

Instead of NPSI, the new rule was going to be NCSI (Not Cloaked, Shoot It). Every purple on grid was a target.

I didn’t last until the end, but I got my first last hit on a bomber with a bomb during the FFA. So next to the Archon kill, I’d call that an OP success.

“Tengu on grid? Kill it!”

My Bomber alt is slowly starting to get an extremely nice Killboard, and I’m pretty certain that I’ll be getting a whole lot more kills by joining them. 
Content creation at its best.

Those of you who haven’t tried it yet, I can do nothing else than tell you to try and join the Bombers Bar channel in game. There’s fleets almost every night and they’re definitely worth joining. They even set up a Reddit, Facebook and Twitter account. Check it out.

Stay tuned o7


I haven’t been able to spend too much time in game the past few days. I’m feeling a bit ill, which is making me dead tired, which in turn makes sure that after work, I want to do nothing but lie in my bed until the weekend arrives.

And it’s almost there! So that’s good. 

The hour or so each day I do spend in game, I spend updating my orders, my factory jobs and my skill queue’s. Although the last one is something I won’t have to watch for a while now seeing that all three of my active characters are currently training a 7 day skill.

The month hasn’t fully started yet or Aura tells me the bad news, I’m in the red. What does this mean? Well, easy, Aura (the android app) has this handy feature that checks your ISK flow each month, by counting how much you earn and spend. It’s pretty simplistic seeing that it watches your wallet, but I like watching my wallet and it helps me because then I won’t have to do it.

Since the start of the month I have spent 3.7billion ISK and made about 3Billion.. As you can imagine, those numbers should be reversed. They are a bit skewed though because they don’t count sell orders, and the negative ISK flow seems to mostly be coming from buy orders I put up. So I guess I’ll have to use jEvEAssets at the end of the month like always.

I like how all of these little apps are making my life easier, I have my spreadsheets, but at least I don’t have to put everything on there. I think I might go crazy if I had to do that.

Speaking of ISK flow.. I decided to do a good deed this month.

I’m just assuming here that most of you read EvEoGanda, if you don’t, then go have a look, it has some pretty good content.

Now after making said assumption, you should all know about the upcoming FFA. Seeing that a year or so ago (might be more, I am bad with dates) I had tons and tons of fun in an FFA made by The Tuskers, I decided to donate for this FFA.

It’s a great way for newbies to have fun in PvP without actually sacrificing ships of their own, and it’s fun for old carebear newbies like me because I can actually try my hand at PvP too and I know where to find it for once! So it’s a win win situation.

If you’re a newbie, or a vet, I urge you to join the fun and blow up some frigates. The more people the merrier.
She wants you to join too! – Rixx Javix sure makes pretty posters

And I’m sure Stay Frosty will be grateful if you help in donating a prize or two yourself.
As for now, I’m going to prepare myself for the weekend, where I’ll probably venture in a WH again in search of a kill..

Anyone taking bets on whether I’ll get killed or kill someone?

Stay tuned o7