Effort vs reward

Despite not logging in to the game for more than an hour per week in the past couple of weeks, I’m still making a profit ISK wise. Which is always a nice thing to see. It’s not much but it’s enough to keep me happy. Especially if you consider how little time I spent setting up the orders for this.

Some people enjoy looking at the market and deciding what goods they need to buy and sell in order to make a pretty big profit. I on the other hand, am one of those guys that would like to see more isk, by doing as little as I possibly can.

Due to this I will never be super rich, but will more than likely have enough isk to do whatever I’d like to be doing at the time. 

Two months ago I put up about 10 different buy orders, some for PLEX, others for Datacores. At the time I bought about 15 PLEX, which I sold last week at a “profit” of 100million each. Which is not bad at all considering I’m not spending that much time in game.

Same for the datacores, buying them at around 15k and selling those for around 25k also made a nice little profit. All of this took me just a few clicks in game and a few weeks of waiting out of it.

This just goes to show that if you have the patience to wait, you can make a nice profit on the EvE market. Unfortunately not many people have that, most want a quick turnaround.

I guess the fact that I’m still looking for people to play the game with has its advantages: It takes me longer to put things on the market and most of the products I bought a few months ago are currently more expensive.

I do admit, that if you start out, the market can seem strange, and you do need a bit of ISK to get started. Years ago when I first started, I wanted ISK fast, and the fastest way to do this was buy a game time card and sell it. 
I’ve done it before, if I had to I’d probably do it again. 
The time it would take someone just starting out, to earn that amount of ISK, is too high. While it only takes me about an hour at work. 

At that time, and now I look at it as a win-win. Because not many people like grinding for hours on end just to get enough money for a ship. And I’m one of those people too.

Like I said earlier, I’m kind of lazy.

Stay tuned o7