Back-end troubles

The one problem about deciding that you’ve outgrown the free sites like blogger or, is that once you decide you want to create your own little site and have your own hosting. You’re going to run into issues while playing around with certain things.

The past two days I’ve noticed a certain slowness on my site. I’m not sure if this was new or already existing but turns out that one of the plugins I use/used was causing for way too many I/O requests due to which my hosting decided to throttle back my usage. Yay, shared hosting and all that.

I think and hope that I fixed it, took me a few hours of debugging something I know nothing about, so there’s that.

We’ll see what happens.

stay tuned


A milestone of sorts

 A hundred, the number of posts that this blog currently contains (with this included) so this post, is a milestone for me.
I have been blogging for a year and a half now, some of my posts being fun to write, others were written because I felt like I had to put something on here. I’ve had a few people contact me ingame telling me they liked my blog which made me smile, and other people comment on my posts asking why I did certain things. 
Like at the very beginning people asking me why I called myself a noob despite having a ton of ISK at hand.
Writing about EvE helped me in figuring out certain aspects of the game and made me into a better player. I am still very much a noob (as my wormhole adventures show) but I’m learning and enjoying what I do in the game, which is what matters.

I spent a long time writing about high-sec and my industry, some of my null sec parts and now wormhole space. There are still so many things to explore and I plan on getting there eventually, it might take some time but I’ll get there.

Thank you, dear reader, for sticking with me. Or hello new reader and welcome to my blog. Some of my posts might be boring but I hope that some of the other blogs will make you smile or at least think about your own time in EvE.

I have no idea what my future in the game might hold but I will try and continue writing about it, as long as there’s one person reading, I’ll be a happy camper.

Now, onto the other stuff!

Last week I decided to dust off my Rens and Amarr traders again, so I’ve been doing some station trading and experimenting with items I used to buy and sell over there.
I’ve had moderate success and made a slight profit for now, so that’s good. 

Seeing as I browse reddit from time to time I came across a post from the creator(s?) of Eve-mogul giving people the opportunity for an extended trial of their tool and I have to admit that I’m impressed with it. It’s not really giving me all the options that I might want or need (seeing as I do both trading and manufacturing from a few accounts) but if you’re into trading, why not go check it out. 
I’m not sure if they still offer the extended trial but new accounts get 7 days, which isn’t bad either.

As for the wormhole life it’s boring from time to time, but I talked with my friend and we’re looking into joining an alliance, or atleast find a few other people we can chat with. If you, my dear reader, have any suggestions, feel free to shout it out to me. I’m always up to meeting new people!

And once more, thanks for joining me on my adventures.

Stay tuned o7