What’s this

I noticed something new when I logged in the other day. Some kind of achievement system.

I’m not yet sure what exactly the use of this is, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the Aura revamp that I’ve heard about.

Other than me noticing something that may or may not be new, I also spend a lot of ISK on my manufacturing again as wel as on PLEX.

Seeing that soon two of my accounts will be running out I’ll be using PLEX to start paying for my eve time. Seeing as this was always one of my goals when playing the game. A goal that I never went for because I also liked seeing ISK. Silly me. Have to admit, that my eyes went a little big bigger when I noticed the current price for PLEX. If I were to sell the ones I have now I’d have a LOT of profit, but I kind of need them too. A sword that cuts on both halves.

I’ve been thinking about the wormhole I was in for way too much too. Time to go search again, I really want to go wormholing again. Maybe I should just find a C2 to settle in if nobody will have me.

Stay tuned o7