And it continues

A few days ago I made a post about technical difficulties. Well, it’s still going on and I’m still trying to fix them.

I’m currently at a bit of a loss and wish I just bought the domain name instead of hosting too. But unfortunately it cannot be helped now and I need to go on and figure out what on earth is making the site so damn slow.

I made a little change to my RSS feed, I signed it with feedburner, this in order to purge all the requests that came through from it and they should now be going through feedburner.

It can be found at

Other than that I’m checking out logs, playing with my wordpress plugins and everything to try and determine where the error is. Luckily the people from the hosting company have been very patient with me and my questions towards them. Problem about not hosting it on my own servers means that I can’t access all logs so I need to forward my remarks to them. I honestly thought I fixed it on saturday but alas, no such thing.

What I did notice, after checking out the stats is that there seems to be a huge influx of visitors in the past few months. Although I honestly think that there must be a mistake here.

According to the providor’s stats, over 20k unique visitors checked out my site in December. Now, this would be an awesome and amazing thing. IF not for the fact that the months before that, only 150 people checked it out. And I very much doubt that there’s even over 1000 people reading this stuff.

I know it can be interesting to read, but honestly, with that many viewers I’d expect more comments!

It does seem that most of the views came from the /feed page. Hence another reason to use feedburner, that way I can analyze it too.

But if you’re here, feel free to say hi! I love knowing that people read my ramblings. I’ve gotten mails ingame too in the past, don’t be shy, say hi ūüėČ

I apologize if the slowness effects your reading pleasure, I assure you that I am not liking it one bit either.

Stay tuned o7