Whenever we go out on roams in Null we pretty much know that one out of two things will happen.

Either they will all dock up and stay docked until we’re gone, or they will try and get a huge fleet going so they can get us out of their little pockets.

This is because the null mentality basically equals not wanting to take risks and lose your ships. And I get that, I do. I’ve been like that in the past, but I have come to hate it.

I love fights, I enjoy not knowing the outcome of them, of being one of two teams, or even three, and wondering if I’m going to be the one that will come out on top.

What I hate though, is being part of a big blop, or being killed by one.

I know, I know, this might sound like a bit of a rant, and perhaps it is. But still, people should stop being afraid to get into a good fight.

The other day we were out on a little roam in our static, there were 8 of us, just a few Omen Navy Issues and other small stuff. We figured we could poke the locals into at least coming to shoot us by enthosising their stuff. So we brought in a Harbinger with an enthosis link.

The locals did a bit of docking and undocking, to see if we were still there, to tease us with ships, I don’t know. It wasn’t all that fun.

About half an hour later we finally saw them jump things in the system, local spike, 10 more people joining.

They undocked a FAX machine and we saw D-scan filling.

We were getting ready to fight, a few cerbs, tengu, legion, we could take that, or at least try.

That’s when they decided to make it even easier for them and they lit a cyno. They did not drop just one carrier, there were 7 on grid. Not something we could take, so we had to bail.

It was time to see if we could get some more people in the fight. We wanted to fight them, badly. After about 20 ish minutes we had 40 people ready, we knew the other guys had about 50 around so we could fight this if we paid attention.

Unfortunately, the other guys decided that they do not like playing with even odds. So they didn’t do a thing.

The alliance party split up and while we were on our way back to the wormhole the nullsec bears tried to pick off a few stragglers. Due to my own fault, I got caught in a bubble.

Sabre, 2 hurricanes, crow, stiletto on grid. I could tank that while the rest were warping back. I even nearly killed the sabre but due to me not having point he was able to get out with 10% structure, which is good for him. That kind of thing gets your heart racing.

When the other guys were back we had 2 gilas, a curse and a Stratios on grid. We could take this if we paid attention. But unfortunately, they brought in a geddon. So I told the guys to bail. We couldn’t take those neuts. I saw my tank break down slowly and unfortunately I was not the only one who lost a ship, since we also lost a Stratios.

It’s a shame that in general people in Nullsec are so risk averse. I wouldn’t have minded losing my Gila to a normal fight, but c’est la vie. It’s been replaced and I’m ready to go out in space again. Hopefully finding targets that do fight back.

I’m a bit salty about the loss but I shouldn’t be, it was my own fault. We didn’t warp back together, we didn’t fly as a fleet. It was late and everyone was in a “let’s go home” kind off mood. And that’s when stuff like this happens.


At least I learned from it, this will help in future fights (or flights)

stay tuned o7

8 thoughts on “Risk Aversion

  1. It could all be because people care too much about the opinion of others on what they do/achieve/suffer in the game. That is one of the largest limitations on fun and relatively fair combat in EVE.

    • People do look at their killboard too much. I do like it when mine’s positive but I’m slowly moving away from caring about that.

  2. Oh I know the feeling.
    I feel there should be more “griefing” tools. Some way to force the engagement. Entosis is the best we have and is pretty useless. Most of the time they wont even take 2:1 odds.
    It tilts me, when I give them all the advantages, I finally get a fight, die 5:1, and they BM you in local. It shouldn’t, but it does tilt me.

  3. As a carebear in null, I would like a tool to be able to find people interested in PvP, I occasionally would like to do a small gang roam with my guys, but it’s hard to find others who’d like to have a fight. The usually neuts we get roaming through my region will be in a group of 1-3, if we have a few ppl willing we’ll engage with a similar force, and immediatly have 5+ other neuts jump in and trouncing us, as they are just after KMs. We also get them dropping a cyno and jumping a fleet of Sins or a couple of Nyxs on us. Given we have no way of knowing their intentions, we have to respond with force greater than they might possibley be able to drop, rather than the force they currently have.

    The thing with roams is that you’ll usually find people who are involved in other activities, not looking to PvP. If you disrupt someones activities, and try to force them into doing something they might not want to do at that time, you have no right to be upset if they respond in force to ensure you go away and they can complete what ever task they were focused on.

    • I get where you are coming from but still, you guys usually have some intel channels that reach through your region. Also, using some guys to scout the nearby area or checking the killboard of your neutral visitors (see if they just roam like this or drop caps or other things on you) can give you a lot of vital information about the group that is roaming your space.

      • All valid things that could be done, and to flip it the other way, you guys could contact other corps in your area, or building a network on the forums of people who enjoy small gang figths and actually organise a like for like battle regularly. There are a huge number of people who do regular small roams and would love some content.

        This is what I love about Eve, so many ways to solve the things that annoy people.

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