Hello dear reader!

It has almost literally been six whole months since I last made a post, I’m still alive! I just don’t have much to talk about really. Not when it comes to EvE Online at least.

I still play the game, I log in at least once, usually twice a week, but other than doing a wormhole fleet I don’t really do much. I don’t have any need for ISK so I don’t have to rat or play the market and let’s be fair, I play a LOT of other games a LOT more.

So! I have decided that this blog will no longer be just about EvE, but whatever I want to write about.

Let’s start talking about gaming though. I still game, a LOT, more than I should probably but to this day it is the only hobby I have. Sure, I try and be healthy by going for bike rides, even bought myself a rowing machine etc, but it’s not like I see that as a hobby. I see that stuff more as a means to an end. The end being “not being a fatass”. Spoiler alert: it’s not really working 😊

In February a new MMO came out here in the West, one that had already been released for a couple of years over in Korea. Those of you that know, know that it’s Lost Ark. Let’s just say that I got a bit addicted to this game. I have put hundreds of hours in it since February, mostly I think because of MMO starvation.

That thing that all of us that play MMO’s know well; You want to play an MMO but you don’t really want to play the ones you already have but you also don’t know any good ones you haven’t tried out yet. So a new one comes along, it does most of the things right that you were looking for et voila, you’re hooked. At least for a while, until you burn out of this new mmo or the endgame isn’t there etc etc.

As you can see, I’ve put in a few hours

The fact that Lost Ark is an MMO marketed for the Asian market, means that it’s super grindy. Because for some reason people east of us really, really love to grind. There’s a lot of daily stuff you can do, a bunch of things that reset each week etc etc. Because of the way the game plays you basically have a main character and a bunch of alts with which you will have to do all those daily things in order to move the materials you gain to your main. This can be very daunting for a new player, and even for those that are used to MMOs.

In the beginning I applauded this because I am an altoholic, I really love making alts, playing them and gearing them. Unfortunately, in Lost Ark gearing all of your alts towards the same item level is very hard and very very grindy if not even impossible unless you spend a shitload of time in it.

I have, and I only have two characters at a high enough item level to do the new raids. I haven’t even done the newest one because it’s so damn hard with pickup groups.

But yeah, that’s one of the games I’ve been playing a lot. The other one I pickup up again recently is elder scrolls online.

They had a new expansion out and I figured “why not”

Other than these two I play some Apex and since recently Fall Guys.

Due to the fact that I basically do nothing but gaming after my work hours, I have a lot of time to spend on this.

But! Dear reader who has made it this far.

A couple of days ago I have decided that I wanted to learn how to be a beekeeper.
I don’t really like being outside and all that, but I like bees, I like what they do for us and I like the fact that we as humans can help them to try and become a bigger thing again.

This little book is amazing and will hopefully help me along

Due to this about a year ago me and a buddy of mine were trying to find a beekeeper that we could “help out” by having them have a hive in my buddy’s backyard, so we could look at how the process of keeping bees works. We found a company that does this for a monthly fee, and at the end of the season we would be getting the honey.

About a week ago the honey was harvested and in a couple of weeks I should be receiving a bunch of it.

But due to the cost we kind of decided that we could probably do it ourselves.

In the past couple of days I have bought myself a book and equipment. Equipment that should arrive tomorrow, or at least one of the next few days.

I have found a beekeeper who’s willing to sell me a small colony and in the next few weeks I will be putting up a colony on some land my family owns. After which I shall be doing my utmost best to help them get ready for the winter.

“Getting ready for the winter, this early?” You ask yourself. Yes, as it turns out, bee season normally starts in April/May and by the end of august they tend to slow down their production and should already be sort of ready for the winter. So the fact that I’m starting with it in July is giving myself a bit of a handicap but whatever.

I’m hoping to write about this a bit more, my journey and such. And I shall take you along with it. Even if “you” in this case is actually myself reading this in the future since I have no idea if anyone still reads this thing.

But at least I’ll have a diary of sorts. IF I can find the words to put down.

With that being said, I shall bid you farewell and until next time. I’m quite excited about this new adventure.

That being said, I shall still write about gaming if and when the muse hits.

Stay tuned o7