Unlike the title says, I don’t actually have an army of alts. I currently have 3 accounts, and 5 characters. Of those 5 there’s 2 I use on a regular basis and the other 3 are used for things like trading or bearing.

The other day I decided that it was past time for me to start training my Amarr trade alt into something useful. I’ve always wanted to start into capital production. So I’m training him to be able to fly an occator, jump freighter and into capital construction.

I got myself 2 plex, and 3 injectors. Because I’m lazy and I wanted the occator train to be done sooner so I could start hauling some much needed stuff from Amarr to the wormhole.

My Jita trader can fly an occator too so if need be I can now do two at a time. Making myself a little more efficient. Or a little bit easier to kill due to sucking at dual boxing. Either works.

The first thing on my list is making myself a Nidhoggur, just because I like the ship.

One of my other goals is owning a Nyx sometime soon. Unfortunately I don’t have the ISK to afford a Nyx pilot or a Nyx itself. But it’s on my list too. Owning one has been on my list for ages.

Time to start making ISK again so I can do silly stuff like some in the Alliance do.

Stay tuned o7