The joys of real life

It has quite literally been a while since I last posted anything. I’m blaming this on real life. A while ago me and my girlfriend decided that we wanted to buy a place together instead of keep on renting.
As it turns out, that stuff takes a LOT of your time. Not only did we see hundreds of houses. We couldn’t find anything to our liking.

So a few months ago the decision was made we’ll just build one. So our hunt for a house, became a hunt for the perfect piece of land to build on.

Which, again isn’t too easy but luckily we had some friends on the lookout too.

In march I signed off on an agreement, a so called “promise of purchase” they call it here. And normally it should have been made official a few weeks ago but unfortunately the government decided to screw us over a bit and decide that the 10 trees are now “vulnerable” (freaking pines) and we weren’t allowed to cut them down.

So I had to contact lawyers, government officials etc etc. Luckily the government decided that they were total idiots with the decision and called it back because it was affecting thousands of land owners making their pieces of land worthless when , like me, they literally had just bought it to start building a house on.

So that’s part of the reason why I haven’t been on much.

The other part is.. Well it’s EvE. From time to time you need a break.

I just got myself a bunch of skill extractors, one of my dread alts will be scrapped. Seeing that I do not want to bear with him ever again and I have no use of an alt that can only fly a dread.

Meaning that I have about 30m in skillpoints to extract. Which will up my ISK wallet a bit again. That’ll be fun for when I have a few carriers I’ll be dropping in null soon.

Stay tuned