Space Janitor, vacuum service

A while ago “This is EvE” launched, bringing about an influx of new players to Tranquility. One of these new players was my sister’s boyfriend. He knew I played EvE, saw the trailer, asked me for a referral and made his account.

I told him to do the tutorials and ask me if he had any problems, despite me not knowing much, I still know enough to help out a “newbro”.
After the tutorials he told me that he was enjoying the fact that he could mine and play other games at the same time. I had created.. A miner.

But a miner with a backstory. While talking to him he told me that it was quite fun, he was going out in space, looking for rocks to clean, like a janitor, cleaning up space for others to enjoy.

As many new players he had no idea what the difference was between null/low and high security space, so he just set out there, finding rocks and noticing that some people would pay more for the rocks he cleaned in 0.3 than those in 0.7.

So fitting up a venture he went out there and of course, got blown up, but that did not stop him no, he went out there again, and again. Wanting, needing those precious rocks, for his job was to make sure that other pilots could fly about, not having to worry about these things.

I applaud him for doing something I haven’t done in ages. That’s the way of the newbie. You just don’t know any better and go out there.

I gave him a few dozen ventures and a tanked retriever that he could work up to. If he enjoyed mining, why would I stop him from doing that, I had all those things in my hangar and wouldn’t miss them anyway.

We need miners and most people who play the game try out different things too, so I gave him a few exploring vessels as well in case he felt like making more ISK.

Although I did warn him that I myself know absolutely nothing about relic/data sites, he’ll figure it out eventually.

But right now, he’s a miner and enjoys it, I actually enjoy hearing him tell his own space adventures, despite them being about mining “The adventures of a space janitor” are entertaining. Especially when talking about all the millions of ISK he made. I can’t recall the last time I was happy with a “mere” ten million.

I wish I could go back to those days though.. They were a lot of fun too.

This gives me more ideas