Humble Bundle unite!

There’s a reason why I love the Humble Bundles. Not only does it allow me to buy games I like for next to nothing. It also allows me to choose how much of the amount I want to go to charity, thus making me feel like I’m not spending all of my money just on games.

Yesterday there was a Daily Humble Bundle containing the EvE Online Starter Pack. Despite me having multiple accounts already and having a few on hold, I bought one.

I can’t pass up on deals like that and for little over 3 bucks I got myself a nice starter pack and a skin. If I had paid a bit over 20 I could have gotten a PLEX from it too but I’m not a big fan of paying for my Plexes with cash. I’d rather use ISK for that.

Now that I have another key, to create yet another account, I just need to decide what I want to use it for. I can train something, I can do something.. But what.

Maybe I should finally do roams in Low with a low SP alt. That could get me some fun, right?

What do you think?