Fanfest envy

Fanfest is currently going on in the lovely Icelandic capital called Reykjavic.. Because you know, people from Iceland just love using weird names for their things. Like the vulcano Eyjafjallajökull. You try pronouncing that correctly, it’ll take a few tries.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there. Not because I don’t have the time, but more because I didn’t actually think about going until it was too late/too expensive to book a trip. I didn’t really feel like paying close to 1000 euros for 4 days.

It’s a shame because when I see other bloggers post about their little adventures the coming days, I feel a bit envious and wish that I did spent some time in figuring out how to get there. But alas.

However! CCP Logibro was nice enough to send me the pass I would have gotten by airmail. Which is all kinds of amazing. I got it this morning and this is now part of my growing EvE collection.

“I’m there, in spirit!”

In no other MMO I’ve had the kind of interaction with the dev team like I have with the CCP team, and it’s all super cool that they were willing to do what they did.

That being said, the new trailer came out yesterday, and it’s so pretty. I’ve seen people call it Space zombies but the sleepers are so much more.

Just watch it and be amazed, these trailers keep getting better and better.

“You should be watching this”

Stay tuned o7