Carebear, what?

I am, what some people in EvE call a ‘carebear’, what does this mean? Well it’s rather simple, carebears are those of us that go out of their way to not get blown to pieces in pvp. Or at least that’s why I personally think the meaning of the word is.

I don’t mind being one, not even close, but I do want to change my mindset of going out in low. I have a few PI systems in Low, but I will only go there in my Viator, a nice and cloaky ship, people can’t blow me up if they can’t see me. The only time I’m not cloaked is when I’m at the customs office, and that usually takes about 2 seconds to get in and warp out again. But two seconds can be enough to blow someone up, or at least start to tackle him.

Luckily I haven’t gotten my Viator blown up…Yet.

A few days ago I was doing COSMOS missions on my combat alt to try and get my caldari faction high enough so I could take on any L4 I came across. The plan with this is that if I need to grind some standing, I could do L4’s or L3’s with my combat alt while fleeted up with my indy alt and then share the standing gain.

One of the missions needed me to go into low with a hauler, so I took out a Sigil and hauled the goods to the designated space station in Low.. After docking in the low sec station I complete the mission, set my route back to High to get the new one.

I should have paid attention, half a second after undocking I got a mail, someone destroyed my sigil, I didn’t even notice, I had already clicked jump to gate and I got there in my pod. Good thing that one didn’t get destroyed, +4s aren’t that expensive but they aren’t cheap either.

Lesson learned, I need to start using DScan and pay attention when in low.

My current plan for my combat alt is: finally getting the balls to go out there and shoot other Space Ships.

I did join the Tusker FFA months ago, that was in hindsight the most fun I’ve had in EvE since I started playing, so I really need to do what I just said.