I finally did it

The thing I have been talking and thinking about for the past couple of months (even years) has finally happened.

I have started playing again, actively.

The past few weeks I have been looking at /r/evejobs and wondering on whether or not I would find a group that I could join. One that I could have fun with and that I would fit into.

Well, sometime in the past 14 days I found what I was looking for, and now that I’m back home from a little time off in UK I am actively playing again. I’m scanning wormholes, joining fleets, and looking at people in Asteros from afar while in my cloaky Tengu.

As per usual I am a clueless noob and have no idea what I am doing.
I have come back into a game where a gate has dissapeared between Jita and Amarr, where my favorite interceptor (Crusader) is no longer nullified, where there are new ships and factions.

That said, Leshaks are pretty.

Leshak around the sun
Because sometimes you have to stop and enjoy the small things

Stay tuned o7


The itch

The past couple of months have been the same as for everyone, COVID happened, I’m not allowed to go to work at the office anymore so have been working from home since februari, and I’m getting extremely bored being at home not doing anything.

I’ve tried so many games in the past couple of months but I’ve been getting the EvE itch again. It’s been roughly a year since I last played, more even. I still log on from time to time but the lack of goals or people to play with is stopping me from actually enjoying it.

But a few days ago I’ve been starting to get the itch again. The need to log on, to play, to explore the world.

The other day I tried out Albion again and a friend took me to the avalon roads or whatever it’s called there. It’s basically wormhole space but easy mode because you don’t have to scan for exits/entrances.

This has made the itch even harder to ignore. I logged on to my accounts, checked where all my assets were and poked a few people.

It’s time to come back, it’s been long enough.

Stay Tuned