Jump around

In order to actually do what I said I’d do, I decided to start up another account that I’ve neglected for some time. What exactly did I say I’d do? Well PvP of course, and what better way to try my hand at actual pvp than by joining RvB. But seeing that I still want my mission runner to be able to do missions, I needed another combat character.

That’s where the new one comes in handy, it was a character that I used to have on standby and ran missions with in Amarr space, I had also forgotten how much stuff he had scattered around. I just spent 4 hours jumping from one system to the other, deciding on what to throw away, what to keep and what to sell.
Not only did I do the jumping with the newly subscribed alt account, I had my industrial account follow him around in an Orca.

While jumping around I decided to check on how much LP the character had accumulated those years ago, it was quite a bit. So now I had to find one of the npc corporation stations in order to turn that LP in to a bit of a profit. Bought a few implants with it, a bit of faction ammo, and then, I used my third account to come get it in a cov ops because I didn’t want to fly around with 300m in the cargo with my orca. Especially not if it meant doing 14 jumps from Amarr space to Jita.

Everything went perfectly well and I ended the night with quite a bit more ISK than I thought I had on the extra account. Then again, he also had a Maelstrom and Typhoon I just knew I wouldn’t use anymore so I sold them too.
Time to go spend all that ISK on space ships that will be blown up during the everlasting war.

Sidenote:  I’m pretty sure that I’m going to stay away from jumping so many times for quite a while, I still have 15 stations to browse through but I have half a mind of just thrashing it instead of going there. One of the downsides of moving halfway across the galaxy.

You want me to do how many jumps?!

Carebear, what?

I am, what some people in EvE call a ‘carebear’, what does this mean? Well it’s rather simple, carebears are those of us that go out of their way to not get blown to pieces in pvp. Or at least that’s why I personally think the meaning of the word is.

I don’t mind being one, not even close, but I do want to change my mindset of going out in low. I have a few PI systems in Low, but I will only go there in my Viator, a nice and cloaky ship, people can’t blow me up if they can’t see me. The only time I’m not cloaked is when I’m at the customs office, and that usually takes about 2 seconds to get in and warp out again. But two seconds can be enough to blow someone up, or at least start to tackle him.

Luckily I haven’t gotten my Viator blown up…Yet.

A few days ago I was doing COSMOS missions on my combat alt to try and get my caldari faction high enough so I could take on any L4 I came across. The plan with this is that if I need to grind some standing, I could do L4’s or L3’s with my combat alt while fleeted up with my indy alt and then share the standing gain.

One of the missions needed me to go into low with a hauler, so I took out a Sigil and hauled the goods to the designated space station in Low.. After docking in the low sec station I complete the mission, set my route back to High to get the new one.

I should have paid attention, half a second after undocking I got a mail, someone destroyed my sigil, I didn’t even notice, I had already clicked jump to gate and I got there in my pod. Good thing that one didn’t get destroyed, +4s aren’t that expensive but they aren’t cheap either.

Lesson learned, I need to start using DScan and pay attention when in low.

My current plan for my combat alt is: finally getting the balls to go out there and shoot other Space Ships.

I did join the Tusker FFA months ago, that was in hindsight the most fun I’ve had in EvE since I started playing, so I really need to do what I just said.

Industry, a start

I’m bad when it comes to making ISK. A few weeks ago, when I started playing EvE again, a friend of mine decided to go back to null. 
In doing so he wanted to sell all of the things he had in High Sec, the ones from the corp (all 4 of us!) had priority when it came to things we could buy. And he was nice enough to give us 10% off the jita price (yay).

At that time I had about 7b in liquid ISK, so I bought a few things. Seeing that I wanted to start really producing things instead of just having the indy character being able to create things but not doing it. I bought all of his invention containers (which was about 1b in stuff), I bought his obelisk, his orca.

And last but not least, in order to do inventing myself. I bought the corporation we were in, seeing that we had a Large POS and he was going to break it down. (The pos was something we had set up back in January but he was the only one that used it.)

After all of that I had about 2b left, and I was ready to start my carreer as an inventor. I only had one slight problem, I had no idea how it worked and turns out that I didn’t have the skills for it. But that didn’t stop me and I quickly skilled up to 3 on a few of them and started my invention runs.

So here I am, a month later, having spent most of my cash and I made about 400m in return, I guess it’s a pretty good investment seeing that I’m already making money from it, but I’m not that good with all the numbers, and there are times when most of the factories are just standing there, doing nothing.

As of this writing I only have 1 manufacturing job going, mostly because I was too lazy to go to Jita to get more Morphite.

Yeah, I’m a lazy carebear…

It has happened

After months of reading EVE blogs, I have finally decided to start one myself. I’ve had this idea in my head for quite some time now, and I haven’t got a clue if anyone will actually read this but at least I’ll have a medium to get my thoughts out, and isn’t that what this is all about?

Let me introduce myself, I’m a 24 year old guy, born and raised in a tiny country called Belgium, which is in Europe, for those of you who flunked geography. I’ve been playing EvE Online on and off again for the past couple of, years I guess.

The first time I turned on EVE I was around 18 and heavily playing other MMO’s like WoW, EQ, you name it I’ve probably played it. But as most people who came to the game, I had absolutely no idea what was going on and it didn’t take too long for me to just go back to WoW (I know, shame on me). At the time the tutorials were non-existant, or at least everything was super confusing.

Fast forward a few more years, I read about one of the biggest scams in EvE history and once more my curiosity piqued. So, I fired up a trial, and started to play, to my surprise there were now nice tutorials and a help system that actually made sense, so I finished them and decided that I wanted to do combat. After joining a few noob channels I started to learn more about the game and combat. But, again I stopped playing after a month or two, the lure of Fantasy mmo’s was too strong at the time.

Last year I really got into EvE, so much that after a while playing my combat account, I decided to go for an industrialist. Which, in my eyes at the time was an alt account I could use to afk mine while I was doing L3’s. That account soon turned into a salvager to follow me in the missions and in the past month I have tried my hand on industry.

This blog will not be particular about combat or industry, this will be about what I want to write about that happens in the EvE universe, or at least what I know that happens… Which is, I’m ashamed to say, not a lot.

See you among the stars o7

My current two characters, Indy/Combat