Gotta catch them all

A catchphrase that most people know, and those of my generation grew up with. This phrase is why EvE has been put on semi-hold for the moment, I’m doing my inventions and that’s about it.
I currently feel too lazy to stock up on manufacturing goods and sell them. All because I decided I wanted to catch them all again last week.

Pokémon is one of those things a guy my age (26 if you must know) grew up with. There was the show, there was Pokémon Red&Blue on gameboy and there were the trading cards that we played with as kids. Although at the time I just went “I have pickachu, he’s stronger than yours now you have to give me your card” .. Let’s just say that I had no idea how the game was played and got a whole bunch of cards because of it because none of my friends back then knew either.

The last time I played a pokémon game was Silver on the Gameboy Color.. That game came out 14 years ago, which when I think about it it makes even me feel a bit old. Despite there being readers who are probably my senior by many a more years.

Due to the fact that it’s been so long I decided to try it again, I bought a Nintendo 3DS, got myself Omega Ruby and am currently hooked on Pokémon and the system behind it with EV’s and IV’s and the breeding and whatnot. It’s a lot more complicated than how I used to play it but that’s ok, it’s a challenge and pretty random sometimes.

My girlfriend saw me play the game too and for the first time since we met, she decided that she wanted to play a game with me. Not only has this never happened, she even bought a 3DS and Alpha Sapphire. So we spent the last few days in sofa’s, bed,.. Playing Pokémon.

I’m sure those of you who have girlfriends that don’t play games can understand the way I feel when mine decided she wanted it too. Although when my reasons to play are for nostalgia, hers are because the few pokémon she saw on my screen were; “Super cute” … Women..

Meanwhile my blueprint copies are chugging along, slowly being invented into their T2 equivalent. I’ll probably buy a few billion in material tomorrow, to keep me going for a few weeks.

Stay tuned o7