I’m not going to be talking about PvE sites on eve, no, literal site. The wordpress.

I’m sure that you as a reader (hello there) have noticed the slowness of the site. There’s not many plugins running here but I am running from a shared hosting.

I have decided to go out and see if I can get this fixed somehow by, you guessed it. Going to a different provider.

So the weekend will be filled by getting a bit technical and doing an export of my site to a different wordpress. I have also registered a new domain for this site. To make it a bit, better I guess. But unfortunately I’m having some SSL issues with the new provider so I need to fix those before I can start doing that stuff.

I’ve been playing a bit of Path of Exile since the new season started last week, it’s been quite fun. Doing a righteous fire build which basically means you’re putting yourself on fire the whole time and hope you don’t die.

On eve we messed around in null on a small nano roam a few days ago. I lost my Omen Navy Issue with 6 killmarks on it (RIP good boy) but it’s fine, I came out isk positive and have 3 others to replace him with.

I’m rather enjoying the smaller roams, they’re making me learn more than being part of a drop fleet. Although being part of a drop fleet is a different kind of fun too.

Stay tuned o7